About Us

Welcome to XonMap!

XonMap is a platform where users can share and discover real-time information in a map view. Users can post their findings on the map, such as news, events, promotions and public notifications, or anything they like to share with the community. With the location information directly presented on the map, the community can immediately know the exact location and even directions to reach there.

XonMap provides real time information of different categories which you can choose to focus for your own interest. You can use it as a way to discover promotions and events nearby or at any area, base on which you can plan your travelling route more efficiently. You can know the news nearby or anywhere by panning & zooming on the map. XonMap is also a portal for business entities or public sectors to publish their nonfictions such as closure of any facilities. Besides all these types of information, we leave a tag open for the users to post anything with location information they like.

XonMap aims to be a portal for the community to discover their daily useful information and a home which enhances the neighbourhood relationships.